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Tue, Dec. 4th, 2007, 09:38 pm
where have i been?

gosh, I haven't posted in here in forever, which I'm aware of because Shelley likes to remind me of it. Often. Almost daily. haha. Now you can't, though!

So I've been pretty busy with work. I absolutely love Aflac. There is always something new to do, although I have a hard time staying focused at times. There are just so many things that I want to do. If I attempt them all at once, I spread myself to thin, but then I'm worried about not working on one and it being the next big idea that I miss out on. oh well.

So work has been a little slow to start, but I've been surviving. Everyone says this is the hardest part, but I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I believe in what I do, I love what I do, and its beginning to show.

I've got my fingers crossed right now. Another agent and myself stumbled upon a fairly large account that had policies with our largest competitor, but they weren't satisfied with the customer service. We should know in a day or two whether we get the account next week or if we have to wait another year. I could really use the extra holiday cash.

Looking forward to Shelley being done with her law school finals so that we can have some fun.
We plan to finish a season of 24, most of the Harry Potter movies (now that I've finished the last book!!), Shrek 2&3, visit Houston and some friends in Florida. Should be super fun!

Ok, I need to get back to doing a little more work so I can have a productive couple weeks before Christmas. I really need to make somethign happen so I can make that cruise!!


Everyone who reads this, give me your address so that I can send out some Christmas cards. I'm pretty sure I'm going to do that this year.

Mon, Jan. 8th, 2007, 01:37 pm
finally a break?

So I decided I would post an entry seeing as how its been forever. I feel as though I never stop.

This weekend, we went on our first mini-tour. Houston on Friday and Lafayette on Saturday. we slept in the van. It was awesome. nothing to do except drive and play. Never really knowing EXACTLy where you are when you wake up. I love the life. WE've got dates all over the place including Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, and possibly Florida and Georgia. And thats all BEFORE we tour in summer.

Andrew finally quit, and we have a new guitarist. Spencer Johnson. some of you actually know him already. Its perfect.

Big show this weekend at the CAterie. our first headliner since we've gotten back together. Heavey promotion all this week. CD release sometime in february.

Shelley and I make one month today. Her birthday is tomorrow. Things couldn't be more fabulous. Things are about to get super busy again with her starting law school, but things ever never worked this smoothly. Finally, right?

Jamie moves out on Friday and starts LSU with me on Tuesday. I'm thinking I'm going to miss her even more now.

Been working non stop on The Indie Post last few weeks. We are launching the Beta 2 phase of the website on January 18th. We're no longer the first to do what we do, but I think ours has more features, is easier to use, and can easisly compete with everything else out there. Lots of marketing to do on my part.

I hate missing updates for like 2 months, it takes forever to get everything written down and its so short.

New Year, first chance to get in shape is today! I've gotta keep this up.

Love to all of my LiveJournal friends!

Wed, Sep. 20th, 2006, 07:11 pm
Common Curtis lyrics

Just felt like posting some new lyrics as I've been messing with some vocals today

UntitledCollapse )

Let It GoCollapse )

Front and CenterCollapse )

Fri, Aug. 25th, 2006, 03:18 pm

New Songs
from the upcoming Common Curtis album

and we finally have our homecoming show

Saturday September 16th
The Caterie
10:30PM 18+

Thu, Aug. 17th, 2006, 11:09 pm
how's this for a schedule

Tomorrow: Fix my car. work at 530-9/10, leave for hattisburg, set up for recording
Saturday: 10-12 hours of recording
Sunday: 10-12 hours of recording, drive home
Monday: Release the 2 new tracks, work, CATERIE!
Tuesday: Work, practice, bed early
Wednesday: leave 3AM for North Carolina to pick up our new van! drive back all night
Thursday: arrive back from NC, practice
Friday: show
Saturday: show
Sunday: practice

....i love it!

Sat, Jul. 29th, 2006, 01:14 am
I hate my leg

Tuesday: see previous post

Wednesday: nothing

Thursday: birthday. 4PM doctor visit. packing removed, leg drained, repacked. OUCH!

Friday (today) 10AM: doctor visit. packing removed, leg drained, doctor takes phone call. Possible brown recluse spider bite, schedule appointment with surgeon, wound repacked.

1:00PM: research brown recluse spider bites. Symptoms check. Pictures - exact match.

4:30PM: surgeon visit, not a spider bite (just one opinion though)

End result is its either an abcess with a wicked staph infection or a brown recluse spider bite.

Worst part about all this, they keep taping the gause down, and my leg is KILLING me from tearing the tape off to change the bandage. I have no hair left. The area is bruised. Its miserable.

They say this could take weeks to completely heal

Tue, Jul. 25th, 2006, 09:52 pm
so here's a story for you...

Well, I've got nothing else that I can do right now since I'm stuck in bed, so I guess I'll update here and let the world know.

So Friday before our big meeting, I notice this little boil on my left thigh, and its hurting pretty bad. No big deal, they do that sort of thing.

Saturday, its gotten bigger, and there is a red area about 2 inches in diameter around it. Keep toughing it out.

Well today, I get to work, I can barely walk because its hurting so bad, so I take off of work and come home. That two inche red area was now purple and hard and raised about a quarter inch of my skin, and the red area had spread and was/is about 8-10 inches across.

So I go to Lake After Hours across the street at 5. The doctor takes one look at it and tell me I need to go to the ER because I need IV antibiotics for the staff infection (the red area) and that I would probably need to have it for a few days. Also, the abcess (the hard raised area) would need to be cut and drained.

So I'm paniced. 1) I don't like cutting or staying over night in hospitals. 2)The doctor wasn't very nice. Then my mom told me stories about her friend being in the hospital for 3 weeks for a staff infection like that.

So I get there, and the ER doctor looks at it and says he's going to cut it, drain it, and send me home with antibiotics. This is a huge relief to me. Until I remember that I'm about to cut.

So it wasn't that bad, until they had to stuff the wound. that was painful and unpleasant. Its supposed to come out on Thursday. What a way to spend the birthday right? I'm hoping I can still make it out on Thursday for the big night, but I'm not getting my hopes up. If anything, I'll just postpone the festivities.

Its weird how things always fall into place when you need them though. It was amazing to see how many people genuinely cared. If I was in the hospital, I think I would have been visited by way too many people. I love having friends like these. wouldn't trade them for anything.

Anyhow, I'm kinda stuck inside for a bit, so if anyone wants to chat or visit, hit me up. I'd love the company.

Sun, Jul. 23rd, 2006, 03:19 pm

And step one is done. Meet. Give CD. Follow up email. Wait.
I was so nervous. I mean, the man is a two time grammy award winner.
At first it was like we didn't exist.
Then he came and found us and started talking.
I'm anxious.

Got some rough tracks from the new CD. amazing.
A wave of renewed confidence.
Hopefully I can finish it up this week.

I've never been so busy and exhausted in my life.
Its amazing.
Life has never been so good.

Found some old pictures from the summer of 2003. The start of Common Curtis
Absolute best summer of my life.
Until now that is.
4 days until my birthday.
Can it possible get any better than this?
Hopefully we'll find out soon, right?

Sat, Jul. 15th, 2006, 06:23 pm

next Saturday could change my life
I'm nervous
I'm so pumped
one week

Fri, May. 26th, 2006, 10:43 am
a chance to catch my breath

So I have been unbelievably busy lately. I started my second job, and starting this week, I'll get into the full swing of things

Monday - Friday I'll be working at the YMCA as a day camp counselor, hopefully doing 30-40 hours a wee. Then I'm still working at Lazy Dog's in P-ville, probably doing 20-30 hours a week, depending on what I'm working at the Y. I'm wanting to maintain about 60 hours a week or so.

Lazy Dogs has been pretty cool. We haven't done an official grand opening, but its growing. Usually I have 3 tables or so. Yesterday I had 7. Not making a whole lot of money, but I'm holding steady at 20%, which is good. That means if we pick up, I should make decent money.

Common Curtis may finally be back on track. Dont want to announce anything yet (i know some fans read this), but you'll probably be pretty surprised. First full band practice this Tuesday.

I'm thinking I'm going to just move home for the summer. Its going to be easier. Driving, finances, you name it.

I have had ZERO time to work on any of my website stuff.

Shelley is coming home today. She has been gone WAY too long. Then she's leaving again for a week. But, then she's home to stay (i hope) for a solid 2 months or so. I'm ready to rock this summer with her.

WEll, I'm going to go back to enjoying my little bit of free time today.

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